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From video planning to production, editing, marketing, and advertising, our video services are tailored to meet your business needs. Let us show you how to use video to generate leads, customers and revenue for sustainable business growth. 

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Video Services We Provide

Strategic Video Planning
Video Scripting
Custom Video Design
Video Shoots on Location
Video Commercials
Spokesperson Video
Video with Full Motion Backgrounds
Whiteboard Video
Video Animation
Presentations, Tutorials, Promotions
Video Marketing
Video Optimization & Ranking
YouTube Channel Marketing
Video Advertising & Remarketing
High Converting Video Landing Pages

Explore Video Marketing Services FAQs

Top Ranking Video

Our specialized training, research software, and strategies allow us to create powerful videos that rapidly ranks in top positions within Google and YouTube search results. We focus on high performing keywords for local business that assures targeting to their ideal customers. When appropriate, we create variations of the same video for producing top positioning for multiple keywords. All of this means more traffic, clicks and conversions and a maximum return on investment.

Effective Video Messaging

We create effective commercials and other promotional videos with these elements:

  • ●  Message interrupts the right target market and gets their attention (the hook).

●  Quickly defines a significant problem or need for your market.

●  Presents challenges with existing solutions.

  •   Introduces your company as the one with the best solution (USP).

●  Establishes credibility and trust.

  •   Presents a no-risk offer (free consultation, free trial period, money back guarantee, etc.)
  • ●  Concludes with a powerful call to action.

Script and Storyboard

Professional video always begins with a script and storyboard. People respond best to a video that is entertaining. This also applies to video for promotion, branding, information, demonstration and training purposes. Video production through a carefully crafted storyboard is the best way to assure that the message is professional, powerful and holds the attention of the viewer. A video for educational purposes can be long or short. Branding and promotional video should be less than 1-2 minutes whenever possible. Professional scripting eliminates wordiness and distracting ums and ahs. Whether we use professional actors or you deliver your script in a studio or in front of a webcam, scripting assures delivery of a concise, logical and organized presentation that is persuasive and consistent with the video’s purpose.

Strategic Video Marketing

We combine advanced expertise in video production with high converting landing pages and strategic marketing designed to get you rapid results from top rankings in Google and YouTube. We can get your video to the top of YouTube search results in as little as a week. Google video ranking is very competitive but can be accomplished in a longer period of time. Wherever your video appears in search results, it stands out with an engaging video thumbnail and title that gets noticed and clicks. Video commercials provide powerful exposure through advertising, social media, video sharing sites, and email and sms marketing.

YouTube Channel Marketing

We begin by helping you to select a YouTube channel name that will become your channel link. We then create and upload a cover image in the correct size and format so that it will display optimally in all devices where it may be viewed. We then add a keyword optimized description for the YouTube channel. We complete the set up by adding a powerful profile, social media and website links to the top image. When we manage your Google Plus Local and Facebook pages, we integrate your YouTube channel.

As videos are produced and approved, we upload the video to the YouTube channel. We use sophisticated software to identify the exact keyword terms that will drive your ideal customers to your local business. We optimize your video with titles, descriptions, and tags that are designed to produce top ranking in Google and YouTube. We create variations of your video to rank you for additional keyword terms that will drive even more targeted traffic to you. 

When there are multiple videos within a certain category, we create playlists for those videos. We optimize the playlist with relevant keywords and add captions and interlink the video within the playlist using annotations. We use playlists to enhance channel subscriptions and sharing.

Video Landing Pages

Getting videos to convert into leads and customers requires a strategy that sends targeted traffic to a mobile-friendly high converting landing page. The landing page must be designed to get visitors to take action directed by the goal for that video. The goal may be to get the user to opt-in to an email list, request an appointment, or to buy a product. Our professional team are marketing experts and web developers. We design and develop landing pages that are clear, concise, informative, compelling, and focused on the goal without distractions. When used in combination with Google AdWords, Facebook ads or other advertising, our high converting mobile video landing pages can be expected to produce a significant return on your investment as you acquire more high-quality leads and customers for a lower cost.

Video Advertising

Most likely you are directing customers through online and offline advertising to call you or visit a specific webpage. The phone conversion gives you a single opportunity to acquire a lead or customer. But through online methods, you have many ways to effectively reach your market – people who want more information than a phone call can provide.

Many local businesses invest in Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Yelp and other online advertising with a dismal return on their investment. We solve the 3 main reasons why local businesses experience a poor ROI and online advertising failure:

●  Poor Quality Ads with Low Click-Through Rates

●  Poor Campaign Setup: Keywords, Targeting, Timing, Testing

  • ●  No Landing Page or Poor Quality Landing Page

We are well trained in online advertising methods. Our Google AdWords certification assures you of high converting ads and campaigns structured around your most important keywords for the lowest cost. But unlike other advertising agencies who ignore the quality of the landing page, we take the visitor to a mobile-friendly, compelling page focused on their search with a single call to action or conversion goal.

Ask us how we can help you maximize your return on investment from video advertising using online and offline methods to grow your revenues and business fast.

Monetizing YouTube Video

When it is consistent with the project goals and objectives, we turn on monetizing options that allow various forms of ads to be associated with the video. When ads are viewed, YouTube pays the video owner for allowing the ad to display. The more a video is seen, the more revenue is generated.


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