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Explore FAQs to Discover How WebPuzzleMaster’s Video Production and Marketing is Designed to Maximize Leads and Sales for Local Businesses

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos that can be very effective in converting viewers into leads and customers. Explainer videos, also used as video commercials, are directed toward your target market and succinctly explain your company’s products or services. They are often strategically placed on a video landing page with compelling copy and incentives to take immediate action. Explainer videos are one of the most popular types – some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.

Can I use actors in my videos?

You may be exceptional in producing and selling your products and services. But most likely you are not a talented actor capable of delivering an impactful and persuasive video message. Our video production services include options for professional script writing and your choice of our male and female actors. These are skilled and talented professionals who deliver a concise and powerful presentation in front of a green screen. We then place an appropriate video or image behind the actor and add elements to further increase conversions. These may include an intro, outro with call to action, lower third, captions and transitions.

    What are done-for-you videos?

    These are low-cost high-quality explainer videos prepared for many different types of local businesses. Done-for-you videos combine emotionally compelling artwork (animation video) and/or characters (spokesperson video) with high-converting professional scripts that engage, speak to your ideal customer and get them to take action. We customize your contact information on the last scene of the video with options to add more impactful elements such as intros, outros, lower third and call to action. Explore and purchase our done-for-you videos at https://localbizvideostore.com/done-for-you-video/

    What custom video services do you provide?

    Our video production services include custom videos specially prepared for your business. When the goal is branding, explainer and video commercials, we begin with a script that assures effective video messaging – one that interrupts the right market, keeps their attention, makes it instantly evident that you are their best choice, and prompts them to take immediate action. Some video we produce come from live footage and/or professional actors. Spokesperson video by actors is often shot in front of a green screen. This allows us to easily replace the background with appropriate video footage or images. We also create short custom animation and whiteboard videos. And our production services can also include videos for training, presentations and webinars.

    How long should my video be?

    A video for educational purposes can be long or short. Branding and promotional video should be less than 1-2 minutes whenever possible.

    Do I need a YouTube channel?

    Whether you are a professional, retailer, entrepreneur or charitable organization, video on your own YouTube channel can help you grow your brand, and acquire leads and customers. We create a professional YouTube channel branded for your company with an informative profile, channel description and playlists when appropriate. We offer YouTube optimization and other services to help your videos to rank on the first page of Google and YouTube. Your YouTube channel allows you to advertise your video, show your video in social media, and embed video for display on your webpages or blog posts. We can also show you how to monetize your channel for producing another stream of revenue.

    How do you get top ranking videos?

    Our specialized training, research software and strategies allows us to create powerful video that rapidly rank in top positions within Google and YouTube search results. We focus on high performing keywords for local business that assures targeting to their ideal customers. All of this means more traffic, clicks and conversions and a maximum return on investment.

    How do you get videos to produce leads and customers?

    We combine advanced expertise in video production with high converting landing pages and strategic marketing that gets you immediate traffic from top rankings in Google and YouTube. Your strategic plan can also include video commercials and powerful exposure for your video through advertising, social media, video sharing sites, email and SMS marketing.

    Do I need a video landing page?

    Many local businesses invest in Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Yelp and other online advertising with a dismal return on their investment. Getting video commercials to convert into leads and customers requires a strategy that sends targeted traffic to a mobile-friendly high-converting landing page. The landing page must be designed to get visitors to take action directed by the goal for that video.

    Our professional team are marketing experts and web developers. We design and develop landing pages that are clear, concise, informative, compelling, and focused on the goal without distractions. When used in combination with Google AdWords, Facebook ads or other advertising, our high-converting mobile video landing pages can be expected to produce a significant return on your investment as you increase your brand, and acquire more high-quality leads and customers for a lower cost.

    What should I know about video advertising?

    Many local businesses invest in Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Yelp and other online advertising with a dismal return on their investment. We solve the 3 main reasons why local businesses experience a poor ROI and online advertising failure:

    • Poor Quality Ads with Low Click-Through Rates
    • Poor Campaign Setup: Keywords, Targeting, Timing, Testing
    • No Landing Page or Poor Quality Landing Page

    We are well trained in online advertising methods. Our Google AdWords certification assures you of high converting ads and campaigns structured around your most important keywords for the lowest cost. But unlike other advertising agencies who ignore the quality of the landing page, we take the visitor to a mobile-friendly, compelling page focused on their search with a single call to action or conversion goal.